Board of Directors

The Board of Directors includes a diverse group of innovators, advocates and educators with professional experience ranging from law to banking to engineering. The Directors are committed to supporting Acadia Center as a responsible organization and an effective agent of change.

Daniel L. Sosland


Elizabeth Carroll

Chair, Board of Directors

Howard Gray

Treasurer, Board of Directors

David Sutherland

Secretary, Board of Directors

Doug Baston

Board of Directors

John P. DeVillars

Board of Directors

Eric Graber-Lopez

Board of Directors

Joyce Kung

Board of Directors

Mitch Tyson

Board of Directors

Don E. Wineberg

Board of Directors


The staff is a high-caliber team of economists, attorneys and environmental scientists. They are committed and experienced, and they have strong ties to the region and to colleagues across the fields of environment, analysis and advocacy.

Brenda Fisher

Finance and Operations Assistant

Cullen Howe

Senior Attorney & New York Office Director

Carrie Armbrecht

Finance and Operations Director

Amy Boyd

Senior Attorney

Bill Dornbos

Advocacy Director & Senior Attorney

Ellen Hawes

Senior Analyst, Energy Systems and Carbon Markets

Jeremy McDiarmid

Senior Advisor - Special Projects

Jamie Howland

Director, Climate and Energy Analysis Center & Director, Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Initiative

Kathleen Meil

Policy Advocate

Roger Koontz

Of Counsel

Varun Kumar

Policy Data Analyst, Climate and Energy Analysis Center

Mark LeBel

Staff Attorney

Erika Niedowski

Policy Advocate

Emily Lewis O’Brien

Policy Analyst

Kerry Schlichting

Policy Advocate

Irina Rodina

Staff Counsel

Krysia Wazny

Communications Director & Coordinator, Public Engagement Initiative

Peter Shattuck

Director, Clean Energy Initiative & Director, Massachusetts Office

Daniel L. Sosland


Jordan Stutt

Policy Analyst, Clean Energy Initiative


Acadia Center’s Advisory Council is a group of dynamic and diverse professionals who offer their guidance to the staff and Board of Directors in order to strengthen Acadia Center’s impact, connections and organizational capacity.

Peter August

Professor of Natural Resource Science, URI Coastal Institute

Jan Beaven

Non-profit Consultant

Brad Gentry

Senior Lecturer and Research Scholar, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Charlie Lord

Principal, Sustainable Community Resource Capital (SCRC) LLC

RJ Lyman

Member, Mintz Levin

Dan Moon

President and Executive Director, Environmental Business Council

Marisa Quinn

Vice President of Public Affairs and University Relations, Brown University

Hemant Taneja

Managing Director, General Catalyst Partners