Acadia Center is a non-profit organization committed to advancing the clean energy future. Through research and advocacy, it works to empower consumers and offer real-world solutions to the climate crisis for all.


Acadia Center envisions a clean energy, low carbon economy focused on using advances in clean technology—not fossil fuels—to heat buildings and power cars and generate power. The clean energy future will empower consumers, lower greenhouse gas emissions and improve economic productivity and the livability of our communities. Acadia Center is pursuing reforms in six key sectors that will work simultaneously to drive this profound and much-needed transformation:

  • Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management: Maximize investments in energy efficiency — the lowest cost and cleanest fuel available
  • Clean Energy and Carbon Markets: Clean up our energy supply by advancing renewable energy
  • Grid Modernization and Utility Reform: Reform outdated utility regulations and financial rules so that the regional power grid embraces renewable energy and new energy technologies installed at our home and businesses
  • Electrification of Transportation and Buildings: Use low- or no-carbon electricity to heat and cool new buildings and power our vehicles
  • Climate and Energy Analysis (CLEAN Center): Bring top-quality analysis to answer pressing questions, support good ideas, fight misinformation, and find firm, common ground for diverse stakeholders
  • Public Engagement: Raise awareness of the benefits of a clean energy future among the general public, key stakeholders, and opinion leaders


For more on our framework see EnergyVision.

Acadia Center is working to build this system now. States and regional systems urgently need myriad energy policy changes. Regulatory barriers that limit new technology must be removed. Long-term infrastructure investment decisions being made today will lock in consumer costs and options for decades to come. Acadia Center is advancing policies that will facilitate new, clean technologies and protect customers and grow the economy.


To achieve the vision, Acadia Center is leading immediate action and is committed to long-term engagement. That includes everything from concept design to rule-making to implementation and monitoring progress. Acadia Center devises solutions and stays with the effort until results are achieved.

Policies based on credible evidence and analysis win consensus and have real impact. Results should be measurable and the information should be available to all stakeholders. Acadia’s CLEAN Center has the capacity to test solutions to shape advocacy and evaluate performance.

The best solutions take into account the interests and needs of all stakeholders. Acadia Center reaches out to all players, including nontraditional alliances with business, industry and consumer groups. The goal is policy that functions well, facilitates innovation, empowers consumers and grows the economy.