Jamie Howland

Director, Climate and Energy Analysis Center & Director, Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Initiative

Jamie Howland leads Acadia’s Climate & Energy Analysis (CLEAN) Center and its Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Initiative. A Connecticut native, Jamie is based in the Hartford office and has extensive experience in energy efficiency and energy markets. He has co-authored numerous publications at Acadia Center, including EnergyVision, ClimateVision2020, and Energy Efficiency: Engine of Economic Growth. Jamie has represented Acadia Center as a member of the Connecticut Energy Advisory Board, the Connecticut Fuel Oil Conservation Board, and the chair of the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Board. He previously worked as a design engineer in the medical device industry and as a consultant for Hewlett Packard. Jamie holds master’s degrees in environmental management and engineering from Yale, and an MBA and a BS in Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.