Acadia Center works at the intersections of energy and climate change: power generation and consumer-side energy resources; transportation; land use; and carbon emissions reductions and mitigation.


Acadia Center tackles challenges from many angles, with strategies and expertise that reach across disciplines. This approach reflects the complexity of the issues and leverages a range of networks and skillsets.

Advancing Clean Energy Markets

Understanding the complexity of energy markets is crucial to forming smart, viable policy decisions. Acadia Center analyzes the mechanisms and outcomes that will best leverage
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Comprehensive Advocacy

Acadia Center develops innovative policy structures that get results. Statewide mandates to purchase all cost-effective efficiency along with stakeholder councils that represent all customers and
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Informed Approach to Problem Solving

Acadia Center develops effective policy reforms that are directly informed by years of experience in on-the-ground implementation. Acadia Center’s staff members are capable and respected
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The Power of Good Information

Acadia Center finds solutions that produce real change. Good ideas, grounded by quality research, and framed in ways that resonate with consumers, employers and government
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Acadia Center works to build clean, competitive, environmentally sustainable economies across North America. Especially at the state and regional levels, Acadia Center has designed solutions that overcame gridlock and got traction. These solutions are models that can be scaled up and carried to new jurisdictions.


The Connecticut Climate Change Roadmap was the first of its kind—mapping and measuring the impact of policies across multiple sectors, with the goal of significantly
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New Hampshire

In 2014, New Hampshire undertook a comprehensive assessment of its energy policy, beginning with the NH State Energy Strategy, and Acadia Center focused its extensive
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The New England states and Eastern Canadian provinces resolved to reduce emissions 80% by 2050. Many policies that govern the use and distribution of energy,
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Acadia Center’s work in Maine has had local, regional and national impact. With state partners, Acadia Center led original research on the biological potential for
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New York

New York is undertaking one of the most comprehensive reforms of an energy system now underway in the country, recognizing that by modernizing financial regulations
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Acadia Center’s work on energy efficiency policy model won the ACEEE Champion of Energy Efficiency Award and one of the state stakeholder councils created based
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Massachusetts has long been a leader on clean energy and climate policy. From establishing the first state-level caps on power plant pollution, to participating in
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Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s mandate to purchase all cost-effective efficiency and to create the Energy Efficiency Resources Management Council (EERMC) was established through comprehensive energy legislation that Acadia Center helped
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From our office in Ottawa, Acadia Center participates in national and provincial energy and climate policy initiatives. The 2012 study Energy Efficiency: Engine of Economic
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