Acadia Center finds solutions that produce real change. Good ideas, grounded by quality research, and framed in ways that resonate with consumers, employers and government can lead to meaningful progress and new directions.

Credible, Sophisticated Research

Acadia Center’s staff has the expertise and the data to understand complex policy issues and market dynamics from multiple perspectives. Analysis is meticulously researched, updated and cross-checked to ensure that the results are accurate and relevant. Over a decade, the CLEAN Center and its staff have developed a reputation for top-quality work.

Accessible Materials

Good information is only useful if it reaches the intended audience. Acadia CLEAN Center’s materials include visualizations, charts, white papers and tracker reports. Each publication is designed with target readers and viewers in mind. The data is distilled to address the key questions, and the context—political, environmental, economic—is always factored in to the analysis.

Answers and Action

Acadia Center’s recommendations are driven by hard data and analysis, not ideology or special interests. That neutrality facilitates non-traditional alliances and reaches all stakeholders—government, business and public interest groups. With the wealth of data in Acadia’s CLEAN Center has the capacity to answer tough questions, fast and respond to urgent issues with facts that cut through confusion or misinformation. Acadia CLEAN Center is a go-to resource for fellow advocates and for decision makers.