Acadia Center develops effective policy reforms that are directly informed by years of experience in on-the-ground implementation. Acadia Center’s staff members are capable and respected experts in economics, policy, and law, and they combine the passion for public service with professional ability.

Common Challenges and Shared Solutions

Climate change is a problem that doesn’t obey party lines, borders or divisions among sectors and classes, so solutions have to transcend those boundaries, too. Acadia Center’s outcome-oriented approach seeks to maximize the long-term benefits for all involved. Partnerships and cooperation with allies from all sectors— including business, community, consumer and health—are part of this successful strategy. Acadia Center also advocates policy models that institutionalize stakeholder participation in key processes like energy planning.

Solutions to Scale

By focusing our efforts on the state/provincial and regional levels, Acadia Center has been able to circumvent national gridlock on climate and energy issues and apply our efforts where they may generate the greatest traction. The pioneering models are relevant and viable elsewhere, and these best practices have been exported to other jurisdictions as well as exploring ways to scale them to the national or cross-border levels.