• Advancing the Clean Energy Future

    Acadia Center is at the forefront of efforts to build clean, low carbon and consumer friendly economies. Acadia Center’s approach is characterized by reliable information, comprehensive advocacy and problem solving through innovation and collaboration.

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  • EnergyVision

    EnergyVision: Create an energy system that is safer, cleaner and more affordable and offers the promise of deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Investing in Impact

    Acadia Center's work is possible thanks to foundation grants and individual contributions. With a top-rating in fiscal responsibility, every donation goes far to support real change.

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  • Policy Action on the Front Lines

    Acadia Center is a leading voice where decisions are made for the energy future.

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What we do

We help to build clean, competitive, environmentally sustainable economies through data-driven research, innovative policies, and market-based solutions.

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We work at the state and regional levels on targeted initiatives and model practices with national significance.

Meet Our Experts

Joe Logan

Climate and Clean Energy Agenda
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