A clean energy future depends upon generating non-polluting electricity to power our transportation systems and heat and cool our buildings. Acadia Center’s Clean Energy program targets ways to accelerate the transition in power generation from fossil fuels to clean energy like offshore wind and rooftop solar, which are essential to supplying the clean electricity that will be needed to electrify the economy. This area of focus aims to change the “rules of the game” in the electricity system – changing the incentive structure that stifles clean energy choices by favoring  incumbent fossil fuels interests, despite the  lower costs and consumer and public health benefits of clean renewable energy and the existential risk of climate crisis & change.

  • Our Clean Power program works to increase the percentage of renewables in our electricity mix and to change electricity market rules, evening the playing field to increase the amount of clean energy on the power grid. This program also focuses on the consumer and community sides of the energy system, by supporting policies to make local distributed energy resources such as solar, wind, storage and other clean energy technologies available and affordable.
  • Targeting the utilities that generate, distribute, and maintain the grid, our Utility Innovation program works to reform incentives and the regulatory structures that keep utilities favoring fossil fuels and old solutions, despite high (and rising) costs to the consumer and the climate.
  • Our Natural Gas Phaseout program is dedicated to the particular challenges of natural gas, both preventing natural gas expansion and dealing with health and safety challenges of existing infrastructure.