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    The Hidden Costs of Energy: Overpaying for an Outdated System

    The planning and investment policies that govern our power grid were developed in an earlier era, when large fossil-fueled power plants were constructed to energize population centers. Longstanding policies skew decisions in favor of legacy power grid investments over cleaner, often less expensive and more advanced solutions, and stand in the way of achieving deep emissions reductions and widespread consumer benefits.

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    Updated Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for Connecticut

    Acadia Center analyzed new data on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Connecticut to develop an updated emissions inventory for the 1990 to 2015 time period. The analysis also looked at possible drivers of recent emissions increases, including fuel prices, economic activity, and policy developments. The updated emissions inventory is intended to help inform and guide both the 2016 Comprehensive Energy Strategy proceeding and the ongoing deliberations of the Governor’s Council on Climate Change.

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    Massachusetts – An Act to Promote Energy Diversity Bill: Summary and Analysis

    A long-awaited bill that could shape the Commonwealth’s energy future (H. 4336) has been proposed by lawmakers in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. This summary provides an overview of the bill’s contents, scope, and areas for improvements.

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