BOSTON, MA – Yesterday evening, a bipartisan group of 100 members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives sent a letter to the three House members that have been appointed to the Conference Committee on solar with the Massachusetts Senate. The letter, whose signers include 19 committee chairs as well as several other members in leadership positions, calls for the Conference Committee to report a bill that:

  • Maintains a strong net metering policy, particularly for community shared solar, municipalities, and projects that benefit low-income ratepayers and affordable housing;
  • Grandfathers existing systems;
  • Reduces costs through reforms to the solar renewable energy certificate (SREC) program; and
  • Raises the net metering caps.


“Acadia Center would like to thank House members for speaking up in defense of the demonstrated value of solar energy.” said Daniel L. Sosland, Acadia Center President. “We strongly support all of the concepts raised in the letter. In particular, preserving access to solar for communities and all ratepayers is a key part of the clean energy future for Massachusetts.”

In April 2015, Acadia Center issued a study of the value of local solar generation in Massachusetts, finding more than 22 cents per kWh of value for ratepayers through reduced energy and infrastructure costs, lower fuel prices, and lowering the cost of compliance with the Commonwealth’s greenhouse gas requirements. This value is higher than the current retail rate provided through net metering.

Mark LeBel, Staff Attorney at Acadia Center, said: “Acadia Center’s studies and numerous others across the country show that solar provides significant value to ratepayers, major societal benefits, and good local jobs. Any changes to net metering should be based on an official public study of the costs and benefits of solar generation and, until that happens, key project types should be kept at the retail rate. As the legislators rightly note, the place to cut costs is the SREC program. We hope that this petition leads to a prompt result from the Conference Committee that preserves key elements of the Commonwealth’s solar programs and appropriately reduces costs.”



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