NJ Record: The price New Jersey pays by turning its back on RGGI

NEW JERSEY is missing out by sitting on the sidelines of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. The state should be a player, not a spectator, in this game that brings so many benefits to the nine states that are already part of the team. A new analysis by our organization (“New Jersey and RGGI: Potential Benefits of Renewed Participation”) shows that by refusing to participate in RGGI, New Jersey is missing out on substantial environmental and economic benefits.

NJ.com: Gov Christie fiddles while RGGI money burns (Editorial)

It’s official: The governor is so averse to a green economy, he burns money. Someone has finally slapped a price tag on Gov. Christie’s environmental indifference. According to an analysis [by Acadia Center], his decision to pull out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in 2011 has already cost New Jersey $114 million in revenue from cap-and-trade auctions, and staying out of the carbon reduction venture will cost the state another $387 million over the next six years.

Portland Press Herald: State Has Alternatives To Gas Pipeline