BOSTON – On January 19th, Acadia Center launched its redesigned website at

This new site amplifies Acadia Center’s work by using more visual storytelling, and elevates its human impact. Climate change and energy work can be abstract and technical, and the new site aims to make the work tangible and relevant to a much broader audience. This new approach is reflected in refreshed aesthetics, images and improved navigation, so users can easily find news and reports connected to any issue. A section called Latest highlights relevant news and blogs. The site creates an engaging experience by gently guiding users through the work in bite-size pieces, while using increased page-to-page relationships to encourage deep dives.

The new website groups Acadia Center’s work into four Areas of Focus, which encompass the many programs that the organization works on, from energy efficiency to phasing out natural gas.  It also includes dedicated pages for each Northeast state that Acadia Center works in, easily accessible in the Our Work section.

In keeping with an increased focus on public outreach, Acadia Center will begin rolling out educational materials aimed at a wide set of audiences, with the goal of reaching beyond an “in the know” audience of policy professionals and giving interested newcomers a grounding in key energy terms and concepts that they can use in advocacy. At the same time, the new website makes Acadia Center’s high-quality reports and technical analyses more easily searchable and accessible for reference, especially with a new Related Resources feature.

Lastly, more information is available in the Get Involved section of the website, where interested visitors can learn more and sign up for updates.

For any questions or comments, please contact Emma Rapperport at