Reports & Presentations

You can discover more about these specific reports here!

  • “The Future is Electric: Helping New Jersey Live in Cleaner, Healthier, and More Affordable Homes” report
  • “Accelerating Energy Justice in Building Decarbonization” report
  • “New England’s Winter Electricity Challenges Call for a Clean Energy Solution” report
  • Presentation at FERC’s Conference on Winter Electricity Challenges 
  • Presentation on Acadia Center’s RESPECT energy reform framework at New England Conference of Public Utilities Commissioners annual conference 
  • Presentation on RESPECT and Future of Gas at Restructuring Roundtable 
  • Presentation at the Connecticut DEEP Technical Meeting on Hydrogen Opportunities
  • Presentation on building decarbonization to Aquidneck Island (Newport, RI area) Climate Caucus
  • Presentation on co-delivery of weatherization and heat pumps at Connecticut Comprehensive Energy Strategy DEEP technical meeting 
  • RESPECT was cited in the joint report from Brown University, Synapse Energy Economics, and on “A Better New England Regulatory Framework for Mitigating Climate Change”

Legislation Passed or Supported

Acadia Center has played a significant role in supporting and passing significant climate legislation across the region. The following are examples of the legislation we supported in 2022: 

  • CT SB4 – An Act Concerning the Connecticut Clean Air Act 
  • MA H5151 “An Act relative to Massachusetts’s transportation resources and climate” 
  • MA H5374 “An Act relating to economic growth and relief for the Commonwealth 
  • MA H5060 “An Act driving clean energy and offshore wind” – (Acadia Center wrote the Grid Modernization Advisory Council section) 
  • ME LD 1579 An Act to Transition State and Local Motor Vehicle Fleets to Zero Emission Vehicles 
  • ME LD 2018 “An Act to Implement Recommendations Regarding the Incorporation of Equity Considerations in Regulatory Decision Making” 
  • ME LD 1959 – An Act Regarding Utility Accountability and Grid Planning for Maine’s Clean Energy Future (Acadia Center lead co-author) 
  • ME LD 201 – Building Efficiency 
  • ME LD 1913 – Electric Ratepayer Advisory Council 
  • ME LD 736 – Ecological Reserves 
  • ME LD 1429 – GHG Emissions 
  • RI H7277A/H2274 – 100% RE by 2033 
  • RI S2583/H7971 – 600–1000-Megawatt OSW Procurement 
  • RI H7123 – State Budget & Energy Efficiency Scoop 
  • RI H8027 – Next Generation Energy Efficiency bill (Acadia Center authored) 
  • RI H7374 – 100% All Electric Building Code  
  • RI S2087 – Environmental Justice Act  
  • RI H7112 – EV Charger Requirements for New Parking Lots  
  • RI H7530 – Percentage of Income Payment Plan  

Informing Decisions

Acadia Center continues to push for the clean energy future in legislation and other decision-making processes across the region. The following are examples of the impact we have had in the Northeast in 2022:

  • MA 3 Year EE Plan focuses on electrification, equity, and workforce development 
  • CT 3 Year EE Plan pushes forth all-electric new construction and sets goal to phase out natural gas incentives by end of 2024 
  • Utility and Regulatory Reform Concepts adopted in new laws in Maine and Massachusetts 
  • Helped strengthen components of CT PURA’s Non-Wires Alternatives program. 
  • Delivered comments and voted at ISO-NE on policies that impede or advance clean energy 
  • Filed extensive comments related to the scope of Connecticut’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy on hydrogen, alternative fuels, building decarbonization, weatherization, efficiency, and electrification 
  • Testified before the Massachusetts Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change on the Future of Gas and the risks associated with biofuels 
  • Sent letter to Massachusetts Senator Comerford providing a summary of key concerns related to the Massachusetts Future of Gas report findings 
  • Met with New Jersey BPU Commissioner Gordon to discuss the key findings of our “The Future is Electric” report 
  • Provided technical modeling assistance to Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management to assist in the development of the 2022 Climate Plan Update and quantify the GHG impacts of methane leaks 
  • Provided comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on transmission planning, winter blackouts, favoritism to gas, integrating distributed resources, and interconnection policies. 
  • Wrote joint comments on PUC intervenor funding in Maine 
  • Submitted comments and met with utilities in Maine to develop rates that better support energy storage, EV charging, and heat pumps 
  • Briefed Gubernatorial candidates in MA on energy issues 
  • Provided extensive comments in Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plan process 
  • Senator Comerford and Representative Blais have agreed to file RESPECT legislation in 2023 in Massachusetts 
  • RI Energy Facility Siting Board sided with Acadia Center’s position to require the utility to conduct comparative GHG analysis of a gas moratorium and alternatives to proposed new gas project. (SB-2021-04) 
  • CT Performance-Based Regulation proceeding (PURA No. 21-05-15) 
  • CT Non-Wires Alternatives proceeding (PURA No. 17-12-03RE07) 
  • CT United Illuminating Rate Case (PURA No. 22-08-08) 
  • MA Future of Gas proceeding (DPU 20-80) 
  • Liberty RNG Docket (DPU 22-32) 
  • MA Grid Modernization (DPU 21-80 through 21-82) 
  • Eversource Electric PBR Rate Case (DPU 22-22) 
  • ME Grid Planning Stakeholder Process Inquiry (2022-00290 and 2022-00322) 
  • ME Central Maine Power Rate Case (2022-00152) 
  • ME Utility Performance Metrics Inquiry (2022-00052) 
  • 2022 Energy Efficiency Plan (RI PUC Docket 5189)  
  • Acquisition of National Grid RI by PPL (RI D-21-09) 
  • RI Investigation into the Future of the Natural Gas Distribution Business (2022-01-NG) 
  • RI Investigation into the Treatment of Energy Storage as a Distribution Resource (RI PUC Docket 5000) 

Coalitions & Networks

We are proud of the coalition building and partnership work we have been able to contribute to in 2022. To find out more regarding our coalition and networking philosophy, read more here. 

  • Served on MA Energy Efficiency Advisory Council and CT Energy Efficiency Board and RI Energy Efficiency Technical Working Group 
  • Led Beyond Gas Coalition in Massachusetts and Rhode Island 
  • Advanced progress on clean energy and transmission through partnership with and leadership on markets and transmission issues within New England for Offshore Wind coalition, including serving as chair of transmission working group that issued a set of shared Transmission Principles for the siting and development of transmission 
  • Provided thought leadership to coalition of advocates working on regional reform to remove barriers to clean energy; assumed leadership of Clean-ISO regional coalition biweekly calls and listserv 
  • Coordinated Regional Transportation-Climate-Equity calls 
  • Led  regional RGGI network 
  • Supported federal climate laws alongside network of 6 leading regional climate advocacy organizations 
  • Sponsored Connecticut Citizens Action Group Climate Justice March 
  • Led coalition in support of grid planning reform in Maine and for passage of LD 1959 
  • Co-Lead of Performance-Based Regulation coalition throughout the ongoing proceeding in Connecticut 
  • Supported and amplified the work of Fix the Grid, Mass Climate Action Network, and League of Women Voters-MA. 
  • Engaged in extensive media outreach with partners on regional energy issues including the Minimum Offer Price Rule and winter reliability 
  • Chair of RI Act on Climate Implementation Stakeholder Process  
  • Co-Chair of Alliance for Clean Energy Solutions (ACES) coalition in Massachusetts 
  • Member of Connecticut Hydrogen Task Force Uses Working Group 
  • Member of Massachusetts Zero Carbon Renovation Fund planning team 
  • Member of T4MA policy team 
  • Member of Massachusetts ZEV Commission 
  • Member of newly forming Massachusetts Grid Modernization Council 
  • Coordinated with six regional climate and energy organizations to influence and support federal climate legislation 

Outreach & Public Engagement

You can read more about these specific statements and testimonies here!


  • Energy Storage Market Assessment


  • Acadia Center Slams Governor McKee’s Unjust Energy Efficiency Raid Plan
  • Acadia Center Written Testimony- H7123 FY23
  • Acadia Center Testimony in Support of LD 1959


  • Acadia Center Comments on the Scope of Connecticut’s 2022 Comprehensive Energy Strategy
  • Acadia Center Demonstrates Climate Risks in Utility Transaction
  • Acadia Center Comments on Massachusetts Stretch Code Straw Proposal


  • Acadia Center Comments on Maine PUC 2022-00052 Proposed Amendments to Electric Transmission and Distribution Utility Service Standards (Chapter 320)
  • Comments on Connecticut 2022-2024 Conservation and Load Management (C&LM) Plan
  • PURA Docket No. 17-12-03RE07 Non-Wires Alternatives Comments
  • PURA Docket No.14‐07‐19RE06 Investigation into Redesign of the Residential Electric Billing Format
  • Joint Comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Integration of Distributed Energy Resources
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Docket No. EL22-42-000
  • MOPR Press Statement: April 14, 2022, Press Conference
  • Aligning Benefit-Cost Analysis with State Climate Goals
  • Acadia Center Coalition Comments from DPU 20-80, The Future of Gas
  • DEEP CLM Determination and Conditions of Approval _Acadia Center Comments
  • Clean Energy and Consumer Advocate Protest
  • Acadia Center Submits Comprehensive Comments on RI’s Proposed $37M Heat Pump Program


  • Acadia Center Comments on the updated 2025 and 2030 CECP
  • PURA Docket 21-05-15 Staff PBR Concept Paper Comments
  • DPU 22-22 Acadia Center Comments
  • Acadia Center comments on DPU 22-22 (Eversource rate case)
  • Motion and Answer of Clean Energy and Consumer Advocates


  • PURA No. 17-12-03RE07 Non-Wires Alternatives: Acadia Center Comments
  • Letter to Support Joint State RFI for Transmission for Offshore Wind


  • Clean Transportation Letter to RI Gubernatorial Candidates
  • RI Climate Advocates’ Comments on Climate Plan Comments


  • Connecticut PURA Docket No. 21-05-15 – PURA Investigation Into a Performance-Based Regulation Framework for the Electric Distribution Companies


  • Acadia Center Comments on Technical Potential for Building Decarbonization
  • Acadia Center DPU 22-32 Initial Brief
  • Joint Comments Regarding DPU 21-51
  • Acadia Center advocates modernized transmission planning rules at FERC to help get transmission for clean energy done right
  • Acadia Center presentation on heat pumps and weatherization


  • Acadia Center Advocates Interconnection Reforms to Cut Wait-times for Clean Energy
  • Acadia Center final comments in DPU 20-80 (Future of Gas)
  • Beyond Gas-RI Response to PUC
  • Acadia Center Comments on the Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2050


  • Comments on Planned Offshore Grid for Offshore Wind Request for Information
  • Acadia Center Recommends Solutions to FERC to Ensure Winter Reliability
  • Acadia Center Submits Joint Comments with Recommendations on Integrated Grid Planning in Maine
  • Acadia Center Comments on Rhode Island FY 23 EE Plan Filing
  • Acadia Center Submits Comments on the Appropriate Role of Hydrogen and Biofuels in Connecticut’s 2022 Comprehensive Energy Strategy


  • Acadia Center Comments in United Illuminating Rate Case (PURA Docket No. 22-08-08)