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Connecticut’s Emissions Reduction Opportunity

Connecticut’s transportation system – the network of highways, trains, public transit, and walking and biking corridors – is vital to the state’s economy as it facilitates movement of goods and connects people to jobs and opportunities.  However, the system needs critical updates to continue to support the state.   At the same time, the transportation system is the largest source (41%) of Connecticut’s greenhouse gas emissions (“GHGs”), which must be reduced for the state to meet its climate commitments.    These two challenges of improving the transportation system and reducing GHGs can be addressed by applying a policy model that has been successfully used to clean up electricity generation and raise funds through emissions reductions.   The Cap and Invest Model The
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Community|EnergyVision Action Guide Webinar Series

The Community|EnergyVision Action Guide is a new tool for communities seeking local clean energy options. It promotes greater alignment between state rules and actions that communities may take to advance clean energy at the local level. The Action Guide is customized for seven states: Connecticut,Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. In upcoming webinars, learn more about how the different sections of the Community|EnergyVision Action Guide come together to give residents a picture of clean energy options in their community and opportunities to break down barriers to further action. Visit the links below to register for webinars with Acadia
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Support Efficiency Investments for a Clean Affordable Energy Economy

Stephen Beale’s January 15th article in GoLocalProv, “Electric Rate Hike Means Millions More in RI Tax Revenue,” states that Rhode Island’s energy efficiency programs make our electric bills more expensive. This is misleading at best. In fact, far from being any sort of “extra,” the Energy Efficiency Program Charge is the only portion of the bill that helps save us money. RI is a proven leader in energy policy and efficiency investments; this is good news for Rhode Islanders.