Hartford, CT – Following the conclusion of Hispanic Heritage Month/Latine Heritage Month, the Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity, and Opportunity (CWCSEO) partnered with Save the Sound in convening a “Latino and Puerto Rican Voices for Climate Action Roundtable” featuring community leaders and academics, in addition to government and legislative officials. The event, held October 18 in Hartford, was convened to raise awareness about the remarkable contributions of leaders of Latin American ancestry to the environmental movement in Connecticut and sparked meaningful dialogue regarding how climate change impacts Latine communities and what should be done to combat the issue.

“Latine leaders in Connecticut’s environmental organizations are incorporating environmental justice principles in their approach to advocacy,” said Jayson Velazquez, climate and energy justice policy associate at Acadia Center, who delivered the keynote addressThere is a balance between operating within systems to deescalate existing environmental, energy, and housing injustices while envisioning and building a just transition that repairs harm and prevents future injustices from occurring. Environmental organizations in Connecticut are responsible for playing a role in that process, and Latine leaders in these organizations must stay rooted in community.”

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