Ben Butterworth is Director: Climate, Energy & Equity Analysis at Acadia Center, based in the Boston office. His work includes managing and conducting research and technical analysis in support of Acadia Center’s initiatives and state implementation efforts.

Before coming to Acadia Center, Ben worked for over seven years as an energy and climate policy consultant, including as a Senior Associate at Cadmus and as a Senior Consultant at DNV. Across both roles, Ben worked with local and state governments and other clients to solve a wide array of complex energy and climate policy issues. Ben’s interdisciplinary work experience touches on a number of areas including energy efficiency, thermal decarbonization, gas system transition planning, electric vehicle charging, greenhouse gas quantification, decarbonization scenario analysis, and cost-benefit analysis. Ben holds a Master’s of Environmental Management with a focus on Climate & Energy Policy from the Yale School of the Environment and a BS in Environmental Science from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.