Dan Sosland is president of Acadia Center, a non-profit research and policy advocacy organization advancing the clean energy future at the state and regional levels. Dan’s efforts focus on developing and implementing comprehensive and sustained energy and climate policy solutions that attract diverse stakeholder support, utilizing a research oriented approach that incorporates consumer interests and economic benefits. Dan has initiated publications that create a positive, public message for complex issues, including EnergyVision: A Pathway to a Modern, Sustainable, Low Carbon Economic and Environmental Future (2014); UtilityVision (2015); ClimateVision 2020 (2013); and Energy Efficiency: Engine of Economic Growth and Climate Change Roadmap for New England and Eastern Canada (Northern US, 2009). Dan has helped lead the development of reforms that have had a significant impact on state and regional climate and energy progress including energy efficiency, where Acadia Center serves in a leadership capacity on stakeholder boards that advise and oversee programs in several states approaching $1 billion in annual investments and in carbon markets, where Acadia Center plays a leading NGO role in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). The organization’s Climate and Energy Analysis Center (CLEAN) backs up Acadia Center’s advocacy with one of the most comprehensive energy and economic databases of its kind. Dan accepted the ACEEE Champion of Efficiency Award and US EPA Environmental Leadership Award and serves on the board of directors of U.S. Climate Action Network, Northeast Clean Energy Council and Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships. Prior to establishing Acadia Center, Dan was an attorney in New York City and at the Conservation Law Foundation in Boston and Maine. He holds a JD from Cornell University and an AB from Brown University.