Westport Town Hall Auditorium

March 21, 2016

7:05 pm    Welcome & Introductions Tyler Soleau, Outreach Director, Acadia Center

7:15     Expert SessionHow Community|EnergyVision help Connecticut communities better manage their energy needs?

An emerging revolution in the ways we generate, deliver, and use energy offers new and exciting opportunities to communities and neighborhoods to benefit from local, clean, and efficient energy options.  This panel will explore different aspects of this revolution, including Community|EnergyVision, reforms we can make to our existing and outdated utility model, opportunities and challenges for enabling clean energy projects at the local level, and notable trends and developments in community energy.


Jamie Howland, Director, Energy Efficiency & Demand-Side Initiative, Acadia Center

Peter Boyd, Founder & CEO, Time4Good, and Member of the Green Task Force*

Mark Robbins, President, MHR Development, Clean Energy & Infrastructure Solutions

(Moderator:  Tyler Soleau, Outreach Director, Acadia Center)

8:15   Discussion– Expanded discussion and questions from the audience exploring how

Westport and other communities in Connecticut can pursue community energy initiatives.

8:55    Wrap-up & Conclusion


*Updated from earlier agenda