DPU 21-80, 21-81, 21-82 Grid Modernization Performance Metrics_Acadia Center April 2023

Acadia Center filed written comments concerning performance metrics related to the 2022-2025 Grid Modernization Plans and Advanced Metering Infrastructure investment plans filed by Eversource Energy, National Grid, and Unitil in D.P.U. 21-80, D.P.U. 21-81, and D.P.U. 21-82, respectively. Acadia Center’s priority in proposing performance metrics is to ensure that the projected benefits of grid modernization and AMI deployment are being realized for ratepayers. In general, Acadia Center recommends that the Department not only approve performance metrics that track and measure activities and outputs, but instead implement metrics that are outcomes-based and are explicitly aimed at supporting the Department’s three grid modernization objectives. Moreover, Acadia Center urges the Department not only to implement basic performance metrics but also to consider financial penalties for underperformance where appropriate.