Acadia Center comments on this trend in a three-part opinion series for CommonWealth Magazine. Part One of the series reviews the recent history of grid modernization and utility reform in Massachusetts, its uncertain future, and the need for legislative reforms and oversight. Part Two describes how the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) decision on revenue, return on equity, and utility business model reform fails to benefit consumers and ultimately approves approximately $460 million in additional ratepayer costs. Part Three discusses the DPU decision issued on January 5, 2018, covering rate design.

Download the following:

Part 1 – Grid Modernization in Massachusetts: Delays and More Delays
Part 2 – Eversource Rate Case: Higher Ratepayer Costs, for What Benefit?
Part 3 – Eversource Rate Case: Away from Simple Price Signals and Towards Unmanageable Complexity