The New England states and Eastern Canadian provinces resolved to reduce emissions 80% by 2050. Many policies that govern the use and distribution of energy, like clean fuels standards  or appliance efficiency standards, work best when rules are coordinated across state or provincial lines. With initiatives like the Multi-State Zero Emissions Vehicles Action Plan, states can work together to surmount market and  other policy barriers.

Important decisions regarding planning and procurement of energy are often made at the regional level. ISO New England determines policies for assessing and meeting energy needs in the northeast states. Acadia Center is working in regional forums to change the way energy planning happens to take into account demand reductions through efficiency and clean, local alternatives to fossil fuels.

Acadia Center also works to help build and replicate policy models across state lines, with best practices, analysis and on-the-ground advocacy and strategy support. New Hampshire’s State Energy Strategy and New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision are opportunities to advance proven policy ideas like energy efficiency procurement models.