Tucked away in the woods off I-495 at a warehouse in Bellingham, dozens of gray Amazon delivery vans spend the night side by side, plugged in to recharge.

The e-commerce giant is far in the lead in electrifying its commercial delivery fleet, and 67 of the new vans stationed in Bellingham make their rounds daily within a 30-mile radius. The electric vans, quieter than their gas-powered counterparts, arrived starting at the end of 2022. They were made by EV upstart Rivian and feature that California company’s recognizably cartoonish headlight design.

Electrifying delivery fleets, and commercial vehicles in general, should bring several benefits, including lowering greenhouse gas emissions, Kyle Murray, Massachusetts Program Director at the nonprofit Acadia Center in Boston. The state’s climate plans call for 25,000 electric trucks and buses on the roads by 2030.

“The commercial transportation sector is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions,” Murray said. “It is critical that they transition to electric fleets as quickly as possible.”

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