Connecticut lawmakers want cap on utilities’ rising fixed-rate charges

Having seen regulators approve in December an increase in Eversource Energy’s fixed-rate charge to its customers, some lawmakers are now proposing a cap on future increases. Senate Bill 570 has been introduced by state Senate President Martin M. Looney and 10 other lawmakers. Although the language of the bill doesn’t mention a specific number, a few lawmakers talked about a cap of $10 per month, which is similar to one proposed in California. Looney, D-New Haven, said in testimony before the legislature’s Energy and Technology Committee Tuesday that fixed-rate charges are “inherently regressive.”

Relationship between utilities, government needs to change, experts say

As Connecticut lawmakers begin to consider a slew of energy-related bills, they spent time Monday listening to advice from New York State’s “energy czar” and other experts about how the relationship between the utility industry and government needs to be overhauled… …Amid discussion of increased utility infrastructure spending and use of technology, Abigail Anthony, director of the grid modernization initiative for the Acadia Center as well as the regional environmental group’s Rhode Island director, urged lawmakers not to lose sight of the consumer in the process. “Our grid is not advanced if it does not protect consumers.” Anthony said. “It
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Announcing UtilityVision: Empowering Consumers for a Clean Energy Future

UtilityVision is here! This publication frames an ambitious but realistic energy future that puts the consumer firmly in the center to allow them greater freedom and control over energy costs. UtilityVision presents a comprehensive regulatory framework for a modern energy system that revolves around the consumer and propels us toward our climate and economic goals. There are five key areas for reform: Empowering the consumer: Consumers are the most important constituent of our energy system. The modern grid should meet their full energy needs: provide affordable and reliable energy, give them real control over their energy use and costs, help
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UtilityVision: Empowering Consumers to for a Clean Energy Future

Today, Acadia Center, a leading non-profit organization that researches and advocates innovative approaches to advance the clean energy future, released, “UtilityVision: Reforming the Energy System to Work for Consumers and the Environment.” The publication presents an ambitious but realistic energy future that puts the consumer firmly in the center. UtilityVision outlines the specific steps needed to create a new energy system that both meets our needs and supports a fair, healthy economy and environment. “The interests of consumers and a sustainable energy system are merged now more than ever before,” said Daniel Sosland, Acadia Center President. “UtilityVision offers a comprehensive
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Forum: Envisioning Our Energy Future, Boston, 2/24

Please join Acadia Center in Boston on February 24th for a public forum: Envisioning Our Energy Future. The event is intended to help foster thought-leadership in the energy space, bringing together stakeholders and experts for a discussion of timely topics, with three panels and a lunch speaker. Where: Federal Reserve Plaza/600 Atlantic Avenue, Connolly Center, Harborside 4th Floor When: February 24th, 10AM-3:30PM Lunch provided To attend & for more information: Keynote (Lunch) Speaker Klaus Veslov of EcoGrid EU, is the developer of a E23 million smart grid pilot program on the Danish island of Bornhom—the first pilot in the
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Looking Forward -Goals for 2015 and Beyond

Planning ahead in the new year, Acadia Center continues our quest for new solutions to propel us toward a clean energy future, one that can drastically reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. Looking Forward presents our long-term vision and the current initiatives underway to make that vision a reality. It all starts with EnergyVision : the framework for a clean energy, low-carbon future focused on using advances in clean electricity – phasing out fossil fuels –to heat buildings and power cars. This clean energy future empowers consumers, lowers greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increases economic productivity. EnergyVision demonstrates that
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Support Efficiency Investments for a Clean, Affordable Energy Economy in Rhode Island

Energy efficiency is a “Triple Win” for Rhode Island (RI): it lowers energy bills, increases economic activity from new clean energy jobs, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. And Rhode Island is a proven leader–tied with Massachusetts in first place for utility energy efficiency programs, and ranked third in the nation overall in the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE)’s 2014 State Scorecard. Energy efficiency—a least-cost fuel—is a great deal for the state. Buying electricity from a power plant like the natural-gas fired Manchester Street Station costs between 8¢ and12¢ per kilowatt hour; yet, saving power through energy efficiency
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