Trenton, NJ —- Today a coalition of climate advocates responded to the second iteration of New Jersey’s RGGI Strategic Funding Plan, which allocates funding to invest in equitable solutions to accelerate New Jersey’s clean energy future across multiple sectors. Included in the announcement is funding to invest in projects that increase energy efficiency and reduce energy burdens for low-income households, accelerate the adoption of all-electric, pollution-free homes, and boost workforce readiness to help New Jerseyans upgrade their homes with clean energy.

This announcement takes an important step toward meeting Gov. Phil Murphy’s goal to deploy heat pumps in 400,000 homes and 20,000 commercial properties by 2030.

Highly efficient, all-electric homes can help New Jersey households save money.

A recent Acadia Center report demonstrates that New Jerseyans in an average insulated gas-heated home can save anywhere from 4% to 41% on their annual energy bills by adopting highly efficient electric appliances such as heat pumps, and up to 69% in a typical drafty home if paired with weatherization. That yearly energy savings puts thousands of dollars in people’s pockets for groceries, prescription costs, childcare, and other daily necessities.

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