Can you describe your job in one or two sentences?

I’ll be working as a resource to diverse stakeholders and building awareness to support Acadia Center’s mission to advance a clean energy future.

You came to Acadia Center from the Massachusetts House of Representatives where you served as Staff Director and Counsel for the House Committee on Climate Change. How do you think your experience there will help you with this new position?

At the State House, I developed environmental legislation, advocated for clean energy policies, and interacted with a broad range of groups. Having experienced how successful policy gets made and implemented will help me engage and empower communities and other stakeholders to work towards creating an energy system that supports a fair, healthy economy and environment.

Throughout your career your different positions all seem to focus around environmental issues, why is that?

I’ve been excited about the environment ever since I discovered the outdoors. Climate change is the most critical challenge we face, and I’m committed to doing everything I can to combat it.

What aspect of your new position are you most excited about?

I get pumped talking about all things clean energy and I look forward to speaking with a whole range of folks and getting them excited about clean energy as well.

Energy and Climate Outreach Director is a new position at Acadia Center. How does this role fit into the work and goals of the organization?    

Building awareness and support for a great idea involves engaging with a number of different audiences. That is a hallmark of Acadia Center’s strategy, and in this new position I hope to create broader and stronger networks while sharing and developing EnergyVision, UtilityVision and other Acadia Center initiatives.

Can you explain what Acadia Center’s 2014 EnergyVision is all about?

If the aim is creating a low carbon, modern, sustainable, economic, and environmental future, EnergyVision is the path to get us there. It presents a clear and comprehensive framework for achieving key economic and environmental goals through reforms in four interconnected areas.

Who do you hope to reach with these messages and ideas?

Fortunately, the Northeast is an active place for energy and environmental issues. There are countless organizations, communities, companies, and individuals working to promote clean energy and protect the environment. I look forward to strengthening my existing relationships within these active communities and forming new ones.

What do you expect a typical day at Acadia Center is going to be like for you?

I’m discovering that there is no typical day at Acadia Center, thankfully. Whether it’s presenting EnergyVision to a group of students, discussing community energy projects with a town, or meeting with public health advocates, every day is going to be a little different.

 What are your top priorities right now?

1. Learn as much as I can

2. Start reaching out to groups interested in working towards a clean energy        future

3. Get a plant for my desk

Did you always dream of being an Energy and Climate Outreach Director?

I wanted to be a wizard. Once I figured out being a wizard wouldn’t pan out, I focused on the environment. I’m really into Lord of the Rings.


Five Fun Facts

What was your first concert?

My first concert was They Might Be Giants. I was young enough that my Dad brought me in one of those papoose baby slings. It didn’t stop me from rocking out though.

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?

Between college and law school I traveled around the world for 8 months. I flew into Paris and home from Bangkok and went everywhere in between.

If you could live anywhere where would you live?

I’d take the art and culture of Berlin, the food from Tokyo, and plop them into the mountains of New Zealand. I was fortunate to live in New Zealand for six months during college.

If you could trade places with anyone for one day who would you trade places with?

Real or imaginary? Real Mick Jagger, imaginary Indiana Jones.

What’s your favorite movie?

The Original Star Wars Trilogy.





Tyler Soleau is Acadia Center’s Energy and Climate Outreach Director working from the Boston office. He focuses on raising awareness, network building and advancing Acadia Center’s clean energy program goals in Massachusetts and the Northeast. Tyler came to Acadia Center from the Massachusetts House of Representatives where he served most immediately as Staff Director and Counsel for the House Committee on Climate Change.