What do you know about our energy system? Some don’t know much more beyond sending a check every month to keep their lights on. Others are working to engineer new technologies to generate energy or researching and advancing policies to promote a clean energy future.

There’s new info for all of these audiences at Acadia Center’s Earth Day Webinar, Utility Vision: Making the Energy System Work for Consumers and the Environment, which will discuss how the consumer can become an integral part of the energy system.

As it stands now the energy system is largely one-directional, with the power flowing to us from large fossil-fueled generators and our money flowing back. For decades that money has gone towards maintaining the infrastructure of those plants and the power lines that bring us that energy.

But, as consumers become more aware of how our energy use affects the environment, the supply of fossil fuels runs low, and worries about energy costs increase, consumers and leaders are increasingly looking to ways to re-envision the energy system. And now that cleaner technologies for demand-reducing efficiency and generating and distributing a renewable supply are becoming more accessible and affordable, a new energy system isn’t only necessary, it’s possible.

Acadia Center’s Utility Vision is a strategic plan to achieve a new system that meets our energy needs and supports a fair, healthy economy and environment. The webinar will outline the recommendations for policy changes that will create an energy system that will benefit and empower us all.

The webinar will take place at 1:00 pm on April 22nd , led by the director of Acadia Center’s Grid Modernization Initiative, Abigail Anthony. You can Register Here. Tuning in would be a great way to celebrate Earth Day!


Thank you to everyone who attended the webinar! Abigail Anthony, Director of the Grid Modernization Initiative, took us through the development of Acadia Center’s vision for a clean energy future, from ClimateVision 2020 to EnergyVision to UtilityVision, which was published in February of this year. If you want to learn more about anything you heard or may have missed today there is more information on our website or you can email us, Happy Earth Day!