As state officials and climate advocates have tried to push forward with major climate initiatives, powerful forces, including gas utilities and prominent business organizations, have for years worked to delay or undermine them.

Now, in a boon for climate action, that appears to be changing.

As business opportunities in a burgeoning clean economy grow, two influential lobbying groups now have leaders with strong environmental credentials. Meanwhile, a prominent business group parted ways with an executive who had represented gas interests, and the state’s two largest utilities have made moves that advocates believe could lead them to deemphasize their fossil fuel based operations.

Kyle Murray, Massachusetts program director at the clean energy advocacy group Acadia Center, who has observed the changes happening across the state’s business community, said they are driven less by the escalating urgency of the climate crisis than by a growing sense of economic opportunity.

“To be blunt about it, the business community will go where they see an opportunity to make money,” he said. “The green transition is providing a ton of jobs and a ton of new investments.”

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