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Resources / Statements & TestimoniesDec 01, 2020

Maine Climate Action Plan – Acadia Center Response/Press Release

On December 1, 2020, the Maine Climate Council released its report, “Maine Won’t Wait, A Plan for Climate Action,” to Governor Janet...
Resources / Statements & TestimoniesSep 24, 2020

Acadia Center Comments in response to the Maine GOPIF Draft Proposed Strategy Framework for the Maine Climate Action Plan, Parts I & II

Acadia Center respectfully submits the attached comments in response to the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future (GOPIF) DRAFT Proposed...
Resources / ReportJan 09, 2020

Advancing Energy Efficiency in Maine

This report advocates for energy efficiency as a key tool for helping Maine achieve its ambitious climate goals. The report provides recommendations—including...
Resources / ResourceNov 12, 2014

Maine Distributed Solar Valuation Methodology -Comments on Draft

Acadia Center supports the approach outlined by the Commission’s consultants, and offers the following comments to help further refine the draft methodology.
Resources / ResourceJun 27, 2013

Maine Omnibus Energy Bill Summary

On June 7, 2013 the Maine House and Senate voted by overwhelming margins to enact “An Act to Reduce Energy Costs, Increase...