The group, which included representatives from the Pioneer Valley Asthma Coalition, the Toxics Action Center, Baystate Brightwood Health Center, Partners for a Healthier Community and the environmental policy not-for-profit Acadia Center, is calling on the initiative to instead adopt a 5 percent annual reduction in emissions.


The group cited a new analysis by the Acadia Center, which estimated that increasing the RGGI reduction target would result in $2.1 billion in health benefits through 2030 — double the current target. The group also cited the economic costs of children missing school due to asthma and the associated loss of work by their parents.

“Governor Baker should understand better than anyone that a stronger RGGI can improve health and reduce healthcare costs,” Acadia Center policy analyst Jordan Stutt said at the press conference. “Massachusetts needs Gov. Baker to lead on RGGI and commit to aggressive emissions reductions through 2030.”

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