Rhode Island’s mandate to purchase all cost-effective efficiency and to create the Energy Efficiency Resources Management Council (EERMC) was established through comprehensive energy legislation that Acadia Center helped to design and advance. As an appointed member of the EERMC, Acadia Center worked with other stakeholders to advance top-notch efficiency investments and programs over the last several years, with the 2016 efficiency plan reaching for the highest savings targets yet.

Since 2008, Rhode Island has invested $489 million in energy efficiency and consumers have realized $2.67 billion in economic benefits. Rhode Island will avoid 7 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from cost-effective energy efficiency investments.

Acadia Center plays a leading role in efforts in Rhode Island to increase the use of local energy resources, like rooftop solar, energy efficiency, energy storage, and combined heat and power, in order to optimize grid performance, reduce the need for expensive new infrastructure, and lower the cost of the energy system to consumers.

Acadia Center’s priorities in Rhode Island now include modernizing the way the state plans and manages the power grid so that residents and businesses benefit from a more diverse, reliable, resilient, and lower carbon energy system; removing barriers so that Rhode Island cities and towns can benefit from community energy opportunities, like municipal and low-income solar, or cost-saving LED street lighting; and advancing new, consumer-friendly electric technologies so that Rhode Islanders can benefit from cost and carbon savings from cutting-edge heating and cooling for buildings and electric vehicles. Deploying new clean energy resources is also a key to driving further greenhouse gas emissions reductions and creating a consumer-centered system.